A toast with Campos de Uleila oil for a piece of bread, Rogelio Hidalgo.

You never know if a life that is gone has been full or not, but in the case of a great person like Rogelio Hidalgo there is no other way to believe that yes, simply for his good deeds and his dedication to others. He has been one of the greats in the history of sports in the province, and despite this, and above those merits contracted with honesty and sense of responsibility, what has not fallen out of the mouths of those who miss him and have fired him, of those who have known him in short, is his quality as a human being. Exemplary businessman, leader of the promotion to the Professional Soccer League that brought about the once impossible union of the capital's soccer, passionate but restrained as a point of balance to achieve success, Rogelio has not failed anyone, no matter how great the expectations placed on him.

Everyone makes mistakes, but you fail because you live, and if you live it is to do great things, to fulfill your dreams, to set goals and then go for them. His passion was his people and that everyone around him was happy. He bravely put into practice without drawing attention to himself a Huercal altruism that crossed borders. His whim was oil, which is the best companion of the bread that he has been baking all his life and that has fed entire generations of Almerians. Hidalgo bread, loaves and buns; oil from Uleila, picual, arbequina, hojiblanca or the star coupage; and to sell Almeria with its products throughout Spain and halfway around the world. And the best thing about this man and what has elevated his greatness to where he is now is that he has not asked anyone to thank him and has not sought to be reciprocated, but to feel fulfilled without the need for his good deeds to be known.

He took over Almería CF when nobody wanted him to, and this is something that is not often mentioned despite its importance. He saved with his personal contribution and with his work, putting his face and his pocket, a club that later, and under his mandate, which began on June 28, 2001, came to be called Unión Depotiva and reached the Second Division so as not to be relegated from the LFP, where it has been since then. If Rogelio had not pulled the cart, the history of UDA might not have been written, and that of CF might have ended. And that is not told the way it should be told. Nor has he been happy to see that years later what he supported and promoted spent four seasons running around the Santiago Bernabeu and Campo Nou, and even played in a Copa del Rey semi-final. Since Rogelio has never asked for it, a fellow countryman of his like me does ask that what he did be told. It is only fair.

67 years are few because we would have liked it to be eternal, but if you measure his legacy really falls into the realization that he has not wasted time, but has given it to make a better Huércal and Almería from its possibilities. He wanted and could, and if he could not he wanted more, and so he earned the praise of everyone and the affection in his memory. It was almost on the eve of All Saints' Day when, without warning and after watching Real Madrid on TV, he began his longest journey, the one he has to complete alone, as much as it pains us, but the resignation in letting him go should not weigh on his loved ones, in whom he will live forever. Obsessed by quality, the main one has been that of his person, so it only remains to thank him and make him a promise to be happy, as Rogelio liked to see people, and if possible, seal the commitment to help others without counting it.

Source: Almeria Digital Newspaper