COI, the highest authority in the world of olive oil, makes CAMPOS DE ULEILA a FINALIST FOR THE 2012 EXTRA VIRGIN QUALITY AWARD.

The extra virgin olive oil "Campos de Uleila", for the 2nd consecutive year, has been selected as a finalist in the prestigious International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition organized by the International Olive Council.

Continuing with its strategy of clear commitment to quality and differentiation, Campos de Uleila, despite the inclemencies, manages to reinforce its reputation and know-how by being named a finalist for this prestigious award granted by the highest authority in the world of olive oil, the IOC, in the category of intense green fruity.

A total of 111 oils were submitted to the competition: one from Cyprus, one from Egypt, 44 from Spain, 20 from Greece, one from Israel, two from Italy, 40 from Portugal, one from Syria and one from Turkey. The five first prizes went to Spanish brands.

The oils were evaluated by a series of panels recognized by the International Olive Council according to a rating sheet in which olfactory, taste and retronasal sensations, as well as harmony, complexity and persistence, were scored out of 100.

The six oils from each fruit group with the best scores were declared finalists in the competition and were then evaluated by the international jury.

The excellence of Campos de Uleila's extra virgin, obtained thanks to the control exercised over its own limited production harvest, has been the key to be chosen among the prestigious brands that make up the list of finalists, as well as the excellent soil and climatic conditions of the area where the family's olive trees are grown, in the region of the Tabernas Desert in Almeria. It is an extra virgin olive oil with intense green fruitiness with notes reminiscent of green grass and tomato plants, and in the mouth it has just the right bitterness and a moderate and elegant spiciness.

Source: NoticiasDeAlmerí