At Campos de Uleila, located in the Tabernas desert, we make the desert bloom with extra virgin olive oils that encapsulate the essence of the environment. Our coupage, or blend, is a masterpiece of balance and flavor that leaves no one indifferent. But what exactly is an oil blend and what makes it so special?

What is an Oil Coupage?

Olive oil blending is the practice of mixing different varieties of olives to create an oil with specific organoleptic characteristics. This technique not only yields a final product with a more complex and balanced flavor profile, but also ensures consistent quality over time.

The origin of the term "coupage" comes from French and has been adopted in the olive oil world due to the rich tradition of blending in viticulture. In olive oil production, the purpose of blending is to bring out the best qualities of each olive variety, creating a final product that is more than the sum of its parts.

History of Coupage in Olive Oil Production

The art of coupage has its roots in ancient times, when olive oil producers were looking for ways to improve and standardize their products. Over the centuries, this technique has evolved through innovation and refinement of agricultural and processing techniques. In the Almeria region, and particularly in the Tabernas desert, coupage has played an essential role in the creation of unique, high quality oils.

In ancient times, the blending of different varieties of olives was done mainly by intuition and experience. Today, thanks to technological advances, the blending process has become a precise science that combines tradition with modern innovation. This allows producers to create oils that not only meet the highest quality standards, but also offer an unparalleled sensory experience.

Olive Varieties in Uleila Fields

We grow several varieties of olives that stand out for their unique characteristics. These are some of our varieties and their flavor profiles:

Arbe & Quina: Softness for Desserts

This blend is ideal for desserts and pastries, with soft notes of fruits and almonds that provide an incomparable delicacy.

Pi & Cual: Intensity for Entrees

Perfect for high intensity dishes, this variety has a robust flavor that transforms any dish into an extraordinary culinary experience.

Hoji & Blanca: Perfect Bitterness for Fish

With a distinctive bitter touch, this oil is ideal for baked or grilled fish, as well as for cold soups and dressings.

Cou & Page: The Symphony of Flavors

Our most complex blend, combining multiple varieties to create an oil with a rich and varied flavor profile, ideal for a wide range of culinary uses.

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Coupage Creation Process

At Campos de Uleila, the process of creating a coupage begins with the careful selection of olive varieties. Our mill master combines these varieties in specific proportions to achieve the perfect balance of flavors and aromas.

Variety Selection

We select the best olives from each harvest, evaluating their ripeness and organoleptic characteristics. The varieties we use, such as Arbequina, Picual, Hojiblanca and Cornicabra, are known for their distinctive flavor profiles and exceptional qualities.

Mixing Techniques

We use advanced blending techniques to ensure that each drop of oil is a harmonious expression of our olives. This process involves a series of tests and adjustments until the desired balance is achieved. The goal is to bring out the fruity, bitter and spicy notes in perfect harmony.

Flavor Balance

The ultimate goal is to create an extra virgin olive oil that is more than the sum of its parts, offering a unique taste experience. Each blend is a work of art in itself, designed to delight the senses and complement a wide variety of dishes.

Cou & Page: The Symphony of Flavors

Our most complex blend, combining multiple varieties to create an oil with a rich and varied flavor profile, ideal for a wide range of culinary uses. This blend is the result of a meticulous process that seeks to capture the essence of each variety, offering an oil that is both versatile and unique.

The Importance of the Biodiversity

The Campos de Uleila estate is an orchard in the desert, where biodiversity plays a crucial role. The coexistence of almond trees, vines, fruit trees and aromatic plants such as thyme and rosemary, together with the local fauna, enriches the ecosystem and, therefore, the quality of our oil.

Flora and Fauna

In our environment, biodiversity is not only a sustainable practice but also a strategy that directly improves the quality of the oil. The presence of diverse plants and fruit trees creates a microclimate that favors the health and optimal growth of the olive trees. Wildlife, including species such as mountain goats, deer, eagles and partridges, contribute to the natural balance of the ecosystem.

Impact on Oil

This balance results in oils with richer and more complex flavor profiles. The aromatic notes of the surrounding plants, such as thyme and rosemary, are reflected in the oils, providing a unique sensory richness.


Our commitment to biodiversity also reflects our dedication to sustainability. By maintaining a diverse and balanced ecosystem, we reduce the need for chemical interventions and promote agricultural practices that respect and preserve the environment.

Innovation and Technology in Campos de Uleila

Our oil mill is proud to use state-of-the-art technology for oil extraction, such as Pieralisi's Protorreactor, which ensures a final product with a higher intensity of fruitiness and healthier thanks to its high content of polyphenols and antioxidants.

Extraction Technology

Pieralisi's Protorreactor is a key innovation in our extraction process. This advanced equipment allows a more efficient and cleaner extraction of the oil, preserving the beneficial compounds and improving the quality of the final product.

Decanting Process

After extraction, the oil undergoes a natural decanting process. This traditional method allows the oil to rest long enough for the suspended particles to settle, resulting in a purer and more stable oil.


Finally, we perform a light filtering to eliminate the remaining microparticles without losing the intense and characteristic aromas of each variety. This step ensures that the oil has a longer shelf life and maintains its organoleptic properties intact.

The Significance of Bottling and Labeling

Bottling and labeling are crucial phases to maintain the freshness and quality of the oil. At Campos de Uleila, we ensure that each bottle contains all the necessary information about the origin and production process of the oil, guaranteeing the traceability of the product.

Freshness Guarantee

We bottle our oil to order to ensure that it reaches the consumer at its peak of freshness. Each bottle is a true representation of our commitment to quality.

Consumer Information

We strictly comply with the standards of the International Olive Council, providing detailed information about the olive variety, the production process, and the nutritional values of the oil. This transparent labeling allows consumers to make informed choices.

Commitment to the Environment

At Campos de Uleila, we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our packaging through sustainable practices and our collaboration with Ecoembes, reflecting our commitment to sustainability and the environment.

What are the benefits of an oil blend?

Blending allows the creation of oils with complex flavor profiles and ensures consistent quality in the final product.

How is the coupage made in Campos de Uleila?

Our mill master selects and blends different varieties of olives in specific proportions to achieve a perfect balance of flavors.

What varieties of olives are used in Campos de Uleila?

We use varieties such as Arbequina, Picual, Hojiblanca and Cornicabra, each with unique characteristics that contribute to our oils.

Is blended oil better than single-varietal oil?

It depends on personal taste and culinary use. The coupage offers a greater complexity of flavor, while the monovarietal highlights the characteristics of a single variety.

How is oil quality assured in Campos de Uleila?

We follow a rigorous selection, extraction and conservation process, using advanced technology and sustainable practices.

Our unique environment in the Tabernas desert, together with our commitment to biodiversity and innovation, creates an olive oil