gourmet extra virgin olive oil

In the heart of the Tabernas desert, Campos de Uleila creates a gourmet extra virgin olive oil.  Imagine yourself walking through the Tabernas desert, with the sun shining brightly over the arid landscape. In the midst of this challenging environment, you find Campos de Uleila, an oasis of tradition and dedication. Here, the art of producing gourmet extra virgin olive oil has been perfected for generations, offering unique flavors and experiences.

Varieties of gourmet oil in Campos de Uleila

Types of olive oil Picual, Arbequina and Hojiblanca: A detailed guideAt Uleila, each olive variety is carefully cared for and processed to bring out its most distinctive characteristics. Let's explore together the unique flavors offered by our varieties.

Arbequina: softness and gentleness

Flavor profile

Think of an olive oil with fruity notes and a touch of sweetness. Arbequina is known for its softness and delicacy, perfect for those who enjoy subtle and balanced flavors.

Recommended uses

Ideal for desserts, fresh salads and seafood. Imagine a sponge cake bathed in Arbequina or a summer salad dressed with its mild flavor that complements, without overpowering, the main ingredients.

Picual: intensity and character

Flavor Profile

With a robust flavor and notes of freshly cut grass, Picual oil is for those seeking intensity and a slightly spicy finish.

Recommended Uses

Perfect for grilled meats, stews and main courses. Visualize a lamb stew where the Picual adds a depth and complexity that elevates each mouthful.

Hojiblanca: freshness and bitterness

Flavor profile

Hojiblanca offers a fresh and bitter balance, with green notes that enhance light and fresh flavors.

Recommended uses

Ideal for baked fish, cold soups and salad dressings. Think of a cold tomato soup with just the right touch of Hojiblanca, providing unparalleled freshness.


What distinguishes gourmet extra virgin olive oil from non-gourmet extra virgin olive oil?

Superior quality, the most complex flavor and freshness distinguish gourmet extra virgin olive oil. It is made with selected olives and advanced techniques that preserve its organoleptic properties, offering a higher content of polyphenols and antioxidants.

The importance of the Biodiversity in our gourmet oils

In our farm, biodiversity is fundamental. Olive trees coexist with almond trees, vines and aromatic plants, creating a unique ecosystem.

Flora and fauna

Here, the olive trees are not alone. They are surrounded by almond trees, vines and aromatic plants such as thyme and rosemary. This diversity enriches the soil, improving the quality of the oil. In addition, native fauna, such as mountain goats and deer, play a crucial role in maintaining the ecological balance.

Impact on oil

The soil nutrients, enriched by this biodiversity, are transferred to the olives, resulting in an oil with an exceptional organoleptic profile.

Campos de Uleila's gourmet extra virgin olive oil is the result of a perfect combination of tradition, innovation and respect for nature. In the Tabernas desert, we produce oils that stand out for their exceptional flavor and quality. We invite you to discover and enjoy the treasure that is our gourmet extra virgin olive oil.

How do you ensure the quality of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil gourmet in Campos de Uleila?

We follow a rigorous selection, extraction and preservation process, using advanced technology and sustainable practices. From organic farming to extraction with Pieralisi's Protorreactor and bottling on demand, each stage is designed to ensure the highest quality.

What varieties of olives are used in Campos de Uleila?

Arbequina, Picual and Hojiblanca are the varieties we use, each providing unique characteristics in flavor and aroma.

What makes Campos de Uleila oil unique?

Our location in the Tabernas desert brings exceptional characteristics to our olives. In addition, our commitment to biodiversity, sustainable practices and advanced technology ensures that each bottle is of the highest quality.

How is Campos de Uleila oil bottled and labeled?

We bottle to order to ensure freshness, using containers that protect the oil from light and air. Our labeling complies with International Olive Council standards, providing detailed information about the variety, the production process and nutritional values.

What sustainable practices are implemented in Campos de Uleila?

We implement sustainable agricultural practices, manage water use responsibly and collaborate with Ecoembes to ensure proper recycling of our packaging.

Come and meet us

Campos de Uleila's gourmet extra virgin olive oil is not only a high quality product, but an expression of our commitment to excellence, sustainability and innovation. With our Oleotourism experiences, we invite you to discover and enjoy the treasure that is our gourmet extra virgin olive oil, a true gift of nature.