Vital Desert

Campos de Uleila oil is born from the respect for a privileged environment, produced in a farm that has preserved the balance of the ecosystem to obtain the best of Nature.

On a tour of the estate we can find vineyards, fruit trees and small plots of wheat, which serve as food for local species such as partridges and rabbits. The richness in nuances of our oils is given by this singularity in the coexistence of different plantations.

Exceptional Microclimate

The location of the Campos de Uleila estate, in the municipality of Uleila del Campo, between the Tabernas Desert, the only desert in Europe, and the Sierra de los Filabres in Almeria, enjoys an exceptional microclimate with the highest number of hours of sunshine per year in Europe (3,000 hours) and stable temperatures (average 17ºC) that create the ideal environment for the growth and ripening of the olives.

Always in search of sustainable development, the coexistence of olive and almond trees was maintained, leaving intact several areas of woodland with native plants, aromatic plants and wild flora... such as thyme, rosemary or esparto grass, thus constituting reserves of native flora and fauna.

The oil comes from a family-owned plantation of olive and almond trees. The family sought out the best experts to carry out a detailed study of the soil and the microclimate of the farm, which allowed the crops and olive varieties to be properly located according to the specific characteristics of each area.