A millenary industry with the latest technology

We elaborate and pack our own Extra Virgin with a rigorous degree of self-demanding and quality. We apply these same criteria to our customers and external producers, with special attention to the customization of batches and rigorous traceability controls.

Our process

Care and pampering 365 days a year - The value of details

In the family farm 'Cortijo El Aguador' quality is taken care of from the cultivation of the plant and the olive, carefully supervised and pampered throughout the year, until the final product reaches the bottle, with extreme rigor during harvesting and transport.


At the optimum moment of ripeness of each variety of our olives and while they are still green, harvesting is partly mechanized and partly manual and selective in order to use only the olives in flight and discard the ground olives, whose possible imperfections can detract from the final result of the oil. Quality control continues with transport to the mill, using small rigid containers that protect the fruit from oxidation and deterioration.


We transport the fruit with the utmost care so that it arrives in perfect condition within a few hours of harvesting, as speed is fundamental to the quality of the final product. Here we make a first selection of the best olives with which we will elaborate our Extra Virgin.

Washing / Destemming

Then begins the phase in which the olives are freed from leaves and branches through forced air blowing. After this, if the master of the mill considers it appropriate, they are subjected to a gentle washing before being weighed.


Once cleaned, the olive fruit is weighed on certified scales and samples are taken for analysis, where yield, acidity and moisture parameters are obtained. The fruit is then transported to the storage hoppers.


It consists of crushing, beating and centrifuging. First, the olive is crushed to facilitate the release of the oil it contains. In the beating process, the oil drops are agglutinated to form a larger oily mass, and in the centrifuging process the oil is separated from the pulp and the vegetation water, removing fine solids considered impurities. Thanks to our eagerness to improve, our oil mill is nowadays at the forefront of extraction technology thanks to the Pieralisi Protojet which guarantees not only Extra Virgins with greater intensity of fruitiness but also healthier ones with higher amounts of polyphenols and antioxidants.

Natural Decanting

In natural decanting, the oil remains at rest for the time necessary to reach the ambient temperature that will allow the microparticles in suspension remaining after centrifugation to settle and the residual moisture to be released.


After natural decanting, we proceed to a light filtering to remove microparticles and moisture that may remain without losing aromas. The result is an extra virgin in which you can clearly appreciate the intense aromas of each of our varieties, extending its life and providing stability.


The conservation in optimal conditions is fundamental. Our cellar meets all the requirements to keep this precious product: ideal temperature, isolation, low luminosity, closed tanks together with stainless steel pipes and fittings. VIEW GALLERY.

Packaging machine

The bottling of the oil is the final phase of the process before its consumption, and in Campos de Uleila we do it. upon request guaranteeing the freshness of the oil. Our packaging contains all the information about the olives used to produce each batch and its elaboration process. This procedure guarantees the traceability of our product for the exact identification of its origin.

In line with our environmental commitment, we reduce the environmental impact of our packaging placed on the market, through our collaboration with Ecoembes.


We strictly comply with the standards of the International Olive Council in our labeling. In it you will find very useful information about the origin, variety, nutritional table and conservation tips of our oil, as well as quality seals and certifications.

The future is our present


This patented equipment mixes the positive effect of the heat exchanger with the pressure on the dough during its passage. This favors, among other processes, a highly efficient mixing, reducing the time from 1.5 hours to 10 minutes. It is totally hermetic and maintains temperature control at all times, resulting in less oxidation by contact with air. It improves organoleptic quality by preserving more aroma and flavor, and makes the final oil healthier by preserving more polyphenols.