From Campos de Uleila, located in the heart of the Tabernas desert (Almeria). We invite you to immerse yourself in the fascinating culture of olive oil. Our passion for the Spanish olive has led us to create a unique olive oil tourism experience, where every visit becomes a journey through history, tradition and flavor.

By embracing olive oil tourism, you not only discover the richness of our extra virgin olive oils, but you also connect with nature and sustainability in a deep and meaningful way. Will you join us in this adventure?


Introduction to the world of olive oil tourism

What is olive oil tourism?

Oleotourism is a form of thematic tourism that revolves around the culture of olive oil. This activity allows visitors to discover the oil production processes from the field to the table, offering a unique educational and sensory experience.

Oleotourism is a gateway to a world where tradition and innovation meet. At Campos de Uleila, we want you to explore every stage of the olive oil production process, from the cultivation of the Spanish olive until this precious liquid reaches your table. This journey is not only educational, but also an unforgettable sensory experience.

Our commitment to the environment and organic production makes us the ideal destination for those seeking to truly understand how respect for the land directly influences the quality of the products we consume. Come and discover with us the soul of the Spanish olive.

The importance of the olive growing tradition

Olive growing tradition is at the heart of our work in Uleila. The extra virgin olive oils we produce are the result of generations dedicated to olive cultivation, a legacy we are committed to preserving. Every drop of our oils reflects the history and effort of our community, ensuring that the quality and flavor are unparalleled.

How olive oil tourism promotes sustainability

Olive oil tourism at Campos de Uleila is a pillar of our sustainability strategy. By opening our doors to visitors, we share not only the beauty of our surroundings, but also our ecological practices and deep respect for the land. This experience creates a unique connection between our visitors and the origin of the products they enjoy, inspiring a shared commitment to environmental protection.

Unique experiences in olive oil tourism

Our focus on Spain's olive allows us to offer olive tourism experiences that stand out for their authenticity and connection to the land. From guided tours of our olive groves to participating in the harvest, each activity is designed to reveal the secrets of high quality olive oil production and foster an appreciation for the sustainability and cultural heritage of our region.

Oleotourism in Cortijo El Aguador Estate

In our facilities, every detail is designed to immerse you in the world of olive oil. Cortijo El Aguador Farm is the perfect setting to experience olive oil tourism in an intimate and personalized way, where nature and tradition intertwine to offer you an unforgettable experience.

A unique experience for your company

Will you join us? At Campos de Uleila, we understand the importance of creating unique experiences to strengthen teams and business relationships. Our olive oil tourism activities are specially designed for companies looking for a different environment for team buildings or meetings, combining learning about olive oil with moments of connection and collective growth.

A day of Oleotourism with the family

Sharing a day of olive oil tourism with the family is a wonderful opportunity to teach children the value of nature and the importance of healthy eating. At Campos de Uleila, each activity is designed for both adults and children to discover together the magic behind olive oil, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Guided visits to oil mills and olive groves

The essence of olive oil tourism in Campos de Uleila is experienced through our guided tours. We take you on a tour where history and technology come together to show you how superior quality olive oil is produced.

Discovering the oil production process

From the moment the olive is harvested to its transformation into oil, every step is crucial. On our guided tours, we explain in detail how the care of the fruit and the extraction methods influence the properties and taste of our oils, giving you an in-depth understanding of the art of olive growing.

Tastings and tastings: Taste the essence of olive oil tourism

Olive oil tourism would not be complete without the opportunity to taste the fruits of our labor. At Campos de Uleila, we invite you to participate in tastings where you will be able to appreciate the subtle differences between the different varieties of olive oil. Arbequina, Hojiblanca and Picual of our best extra virgin olive oil, turning each sip into a unique sensory experience.

Gastronomic experiences in the heart of the olive grove

The true magic of olive oil is revealed when combined with gastronomy. In the heart of our olive grove, we offer you gastronomic experiences that highlight the flavor and quality of our oils, in dishes that delight the palate and celebrate the richness of our land.

ORGANIC EVOO: a sensorial journey

Our organic EVOO is the protagonist of a sensory journey that begins with the smell, passes through the taste and ends in the heart. Each tasting is designed for you to discover the nuances that make our oil unique, immersing you in an experience that goes beyond taste and becomes an indelible memory.

Oleotourism packages: Find your ideal experience

At Uleila, we offer a variety of olive oil tourism experiences designed to suit all tastes and needs. From a basic introduction to the world of olive oil to VIP experiences that include exclusive tastings and personalized activities, we have something special for every visitor.

Options for all tastes

Whether you are new to the world of olive oil tourism or a seasoned aficionado, our olive oil tourism experience offers you the opportunity to explore olive oil culture at your own pace. Choose your experience and get ready for an unforgettable journey through the heart of Almeria.

Guided tour & EVOO tasting

We transform an old industry into an experiential olive oil mill in the heart of the desert of Almeria. Come and discover how we make the desert bloom with a guided tour that will reveal all the secrets of the production of the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Live a unique experience while tasting our most exquisite oils.

Guided tour & tasting of EVOO

Immerse yourself in a personalized tasting of our most select oils, where an expert will guide you and explain how to appreciate the unique nuances of each variety, in a relaxed atmosphere. All this after a guided tour in which you will discover every detail of the elaboration process of the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Guided visit, guided EVOO tasting & 4 pairings

Embark on a complete gastronomic experience with a guided tour of our facilities and an EVOO tasting led by one of our experts. Enjoy the best combinations for our varieties, including four pairings and a drink that will enhance the flavor of our most select oils.

Oleotourism only with previous reservation

We make sure to offer a personalized and safe experience, that's why our guided visits to olive groves and technical tastings are by reservation only. This system allows us to prepare every detail to make your visit unforgettable, guaranteeing an intimate and exclusive atmosphere for you and your companions.


Why olive oil tourism in the Uleila Fields?

Our estate, located in the only desert in Europe, offers an unparalleled olive oil tourism experience. With more than 3,000 hours of sunshine per year and average temperatures of 17º, the Tabernas desert creates unique conditions that endow our Campos de Uleila oil with exceptional flavors, aromas and colors, making it an unforgettable sensory journey.

Discover the Enchantments of the Tabernas Desert: A Cinematic and Natural Journey

Visiting Uleila, will allow you to discover the Tabernas desert, an exceptional natural monument in the province of Almeria, is much more than an arid and desolate place; it is a scenario full of history and cinematic magic. Next September, Mini Hollywood Oasys, an iconic western village located in the heart of this desert, will celebrate its first half century of life. Since its opening in 1974, this picturesque setting has been the emblem of the spaghetti western, where unforgettable scenes from the mythical Dollar Trilogy, directed by Sergio Leone, were filmed.

Legendary films such as "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly", "For a Fistful of Dollars" and "Death has a Price" came to life in this unique landscape. This sub-genre of the western, which emerged in the mid-1960s, found in the Tabernas desert the perfect filming location thanks to the vision of Leone, who knew how to take advantage of the beauty and uniqueness of this natural environment.

Fifty years have passed since those shootings, and although the stars like Eastwood, Claudia Cardinale or Ursula Andress may have a few more wrinkles than when they stepped on the burning desert sand, the Mini Hollywood village retains its cinematographic essence. This place has managed to maintain its old flavor, while adapting with important novelties, becoming one of the main tourist attractions in the province of Almeria.

To commemorate this significant anniversary, Oasys Mini Hollywood has prepared a tribute to its creators, including a space dedicated to the Contreras family, who built the first sets of the enclosure. In addition, the park will give a nod to one of the economic engines of the area: the olive, integrating this valuable product in its tourist offer, building an Olive Garden representing the three most representative olive mills, among which are Fields of Uleila.

Visiting the Tabernas desert is a unique experience that combines the fascination for cinema with the natural beauty of a unique landscape. We invite you to discover this special destination, where every corner tells a story and every visit becomes an unforgettable adventure.

We are waiting for you

Olive oil tourism is more than a trip; it is an immersion in the culture of olive oil, an opportunity to connect with the land and its traditions. We invite you to discover this unique experience, where each visit, tasting and walk through the olive grove brings you closer to the essence of our land and our passion for the liquid gold.

Oleotourism: A window to the olive oil culture

We are waiting for you to share together this adventure through the culture of olive oil.

Invitation to discover the magic of olive oil tourism

Dare to book your olive oil tourism experience with us. Discover the magic of the olive groves, the olive oil production process and let yourself be seduced by the gastronomic richness that this Mediterranean treasure has to offer. Your journey through the world of olive oil tourism starts here!