Exploring the world of olive oil tourism


Through olive oil tourism you will be able to explore the secrets of EVOO cultivation and production from beginning to end.

Find out with Uleila!

Oleotourism is an emerging trend that combines a passion for olive oil with a desire to explore unique cultural landscapes and is transforming the way we understand and enjoy Spain's olive. At our Almeria olive mill, Campos de Uleila, located in the heart of the Tabernas desert, we offer an unforgettable experience that goes beyond a simple sightseeing tour; it is a deep immersion into the culture of extra virgin olive oil.

Our experience unites tourism, gastronomy and nature, while offering a healthy, innovative and environmentally friendly activity in which
you will discover the secrets behind the production of olive oil, the importance of this liquid gold in the Mediterranean diet as well as its cultural impact over the centuries.

Uleila Fields


Welcome to the journey of the olive at Campos de Uleila, an olive mill for your senses where every aspect is designed to delight your sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell.

Oleotourism opens up a world of sensations, where flavor, tradition and nature intertwine to offer unique experiences. Walking through our olive groves, you will discover the production process of extra virgin olive oil while tasting the different flavor profiles, where the true essence of the Spanish olive is revealed. 

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Our adventure begins in a privileged estate, close to the Mediterranean Sea and between the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata and Sierra Nevada, where the rich and diverse nature brings unique nuances to the oil of our olive trees flourishing in the only Desert in Europe, bathed by more than 3,000 hours of sunshine a year and stable temperatures.

Oleotourism: A unique experience in olive farms

Discover how our on-farm facilities offer an intimate look at the production of your oils, from the field to your table.

Oleotourism at Finca La Oliveta: An unforgettable tour

At our facilities at Finca La Oliveta, every tour becomes a memorable adventure. We take you on a journey where the aroma of virgin olive oil fills the air, showing you every step of the process that gives life to this liquid gold.

Immerse yourself in a complete sensory experience and discover the traditions and culture of our land.

Enjoy our experiences

In Uleila we offer experiences for all types of visitors, individuals, families or even companies looking for experiences in a different environment, surrounded by nature and tranquility near the Sierra Nevada and the Mediterranean. Whether you are looking for a quiet getaway in nature or a culinary adventure, olive oil tourism in Campos de Uleila promises unforgettable moments.

Our experiences

Every visit is a new story


Guided tour & EVOO tasting

We turn an ancient industry into an experiential oil mill in the desert of Almeria. Discover how we make the desert bloom with a guided tour that will reveal all the secrets of the production of the best EVOO and live a unique experience while tasting our best oils.


Guided tour & tasting of EVOO

Experience a personalized tasting of our best oils, where an expert will guide you and explain how to discover the unique nuances of each variety, in a relaxed atmosphere and after a guided tour, where you will learn all the details of the elaboration of the best EVOO.


Guided tour, guided EVOO tasting
& 4 pairings

Embark on a complete culinary experience with a guided tour of our facilities and an EVOO tasting led by one of our experts. We will add the best combinations for our varieties, including four pairings and a drink that will enhance the full flavor of our best oils.

Will you join us?


We invite you to explore the exciting world of olive oil in Uleila. More than just an olive mill, we show you the journey of the olive from its cultivation in our 100% organic farm until it reaches the table. You will experience each phase of the process: cultivation, harvesting, transport, milling and more, until the final bottling, with an environmentally friendly approach and integrating all waste in a natural cycle to support sustainability and biodiversity.

Uleila is a family project that fuses tradition with modern technology, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience marked by professionalism and care for the environment. Each drop encapsulates the essence of our land and the commitment to quality that characterizes Campos de Uleila. The tasting of these oils is not only a fundamental part of the olive oil tourism experience, but also a gateway to understanding Mediterranean culture and gastronomy.

Tasting of unique oils

An adventure for the palate

Our organic and native variety EVOOs are a testament to our commitment to the environment and supreme quality. From the field to your table, we offer you a gastronomic experience that highlights the purity and unique flavor of our oils, produced with the utmost respect for nature. Each bottle is an invitation to discover the authentic flavors of Almeria, making every meal a special moment.

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