The beginning of a great adventure

Campos de Uleila was first dreamed and then built. Our story begins with the vision of a child in love with the desert, with the restlessness of one who wishes to explore the processes of the earth and its mysteries; how wheat can become bread, how an olive becomes oil, how grapes are transformed into wine.

The persistence of that child was tireless and gave way over the years to an experience marked by responsibility, professionalism and respect for nature. The dream ceased to be a dream and became a fruitful and exciting reality. That child deciphered the first secret of the earth, the mystery of wheat and flour, to the point of establishing an important bakery industry.

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However, the universe of the olive grove and the oil were always his true passion and the next goal to achieve, and that is how we began to "make the desert bloom". In 1998 the farm "Cortijo del Aguador" was acquired and we began this incredible adventure through the search for a truly organic product that can only be achieved by taking care of the environment that welcomes us.

Unique and singular

The natural properties of the place where the olive trees are grown determine the differential nuances of an olive oil.

Our olive trees flourish in the only desert in Europe, a unique ecosystem with more than 3,000 hours of sunshine per year and stable temperatures of 17º on average. Located 25 km from the Mediterranean Sea and the Cabo de Gata Natural Park to the east, and 45 km from the icy foothills of the Sierra Nevada Natural Park to the west.

The uniqueness of these geographical conditions confers characteristics of flavor, aroma and color that make Campos de Uleila an olive oil unique in the world.