The picual oil Campos de Uleila, has been recognized as the best Picual oil in the world. at the Olive Oil Japan 2020, as experts we will tell you about the characteristics and properties of what is known as the liquid gold.

Picual oil stands out for its unique characteristics that position it as one of the most appreciated olive oils worldwide. Originating from a variety of olives with a pointed end, characteristic of Spain where extensive areas dedicated to its production are cultivated, this oil is not only an essential ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine but also a key component in the healthy diet of many. Its flavor profile, together with its health-promoting properties, make it a favorite choice for both culinary and nutritional use.

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Picual oil production dominates in Spain, especially in regions such as Andalusia, where climatic and soil conditions favor the optimal development of this olive variety. This oil is highly valued for its stability, thanks to its high levels of oleic acid, which allows it to maintain its nutritional and sensory characteristics for longer compared to other varieties. Its resistance to oxidation makes it ideal for cooking at high temperatures, preserving the flavor of food and enriching recipes with its unique touch.

Introduction to picual olive oil

Picual olive oil, extracted from the olive variety of the same name, represents one of the jewels of Spanish gastronomy. This liquid gold is distinguished by its superior quality and intense organoleptic characteristics, which make it an essential ingredient for any food lover. Its adaptability and versatility, added to its health benefits, make picual oil an excellent choice to enrich a wide variety of dishes, from the simplest to the most elaborate.

What makes picual oil unique?

What really distinguishes picual oil from other olive oil varieties is the unique flavor and aroma profile it offers. This olive variety produces an oil with a more intense flavor and a spicy touch that makes it unmistakable. Its high concentration of antioxidants and polyphenols contributes to its healthy properties, as well as providing an exceptional aroma that enhances any dish. The uniqueness of picual oil lies in its ability to combine these qualities without compromising quality, making it irreplaceable in the kitchen.

The importance of early harvesting on oil quality

Early harvesting is essential to guarantee the maximum quality of picual oil. Harvesting the olives at the optimum time, generally in late October and the first half of November, allows the freshest essence and aromas of the fruit to be captured. This practice results in a greener oil, with notes of intense bitterness and spiciness that are considered desirable and are indicative of a high antioxidant content. Earlier harvests produce superior quality extra virgin olive oils, with more concentrated flavors and aromas that stand out in any culinary application.

In Campos de Uleila we harvest the olives at their optimum time of maturation according to each variety. Harvesting is partly mechanized and partly manual and selective in order to use only the olives in flight and discard the ground olives, whose possible imperfections can affect the final result of the oil. Quality control continues with transport to the mill, using small rigid containers that protect the fruit from oxidation and deterioration.

Deepening in the characteristics of picual oil

Picual oil stands out for its personality in the market, thanks to its greenish, golden color and its ability to withstand high temperatures without losing its properties. This oil, especially when it comes from earlier harvests, reveals a unique flavor profile with intense bitterness and spiciness, reminiscent of almond and tomato, and with notes of fig leaf and artichoke. This richness of flavors makes it ideal to take raw and enrich dishes such as breaded and battered, where its presence is noticeable without dominating the dish. Its green oil is a testimony to the quality and freshness that only picual olives can offer.

Distinctive flavor and aroma of extra virgin olive oil picual

Picual extra virgin olive oil is a treasure for our health and palate, thanks to its bitter and spicy flavor that is maintained even when exposed to high temperatures. This variety of oil is rich in oleic acid, which contributes to the reduction of cholesterol levels and the maintenance of its antioxidant properties. Its herbaceous aromas, with notes of olive leaf, and its emerald green color are indicative of an early harvest, ensuring that the oil maintains its properties and offers an exceptional flavor. Available in different sizes, it can be used for both raw and cooked consumption, enhancing the flavors of a wide range of dishes.

Color and texture: the hallmarks of picual oil

Picual oil is immediately recognizable by its vibrant emerald green color and dense texture, characteristics that reflect its purity and quality. This visual aspect is not only a delight to the eye but also indicates the presence of chlorophyll and polyphenols, components that contribute to its antioxidant and health properties. The texture of picual oil, more viscous than other olive oils, makes it perfect for dressings and dishes where you want the oil to take center stage, providing not only flavor but also a complete sensory experience.

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The health properties of picual oil

Olive oils, especially picual, are rich in unsaturated fatty acids that play a crucial role in cardiovascular health. These unsaturated fats can help in the reduction of cholesterol, acting as cleansers of our veins and allowing our body to effectively eliminate bad cholesterol. In addition, the picual olive tree is recognized for its stability to oxidation and its ability to withstand temperature cycles without degrading its unsaturated fatty acids. Its high levels of polyphenols contribute to the prevention of the onset of heart disease, highlighting among the main characteristics of the oil its contribution to a healthy diet.

Health benefits of picual olive oil consumption

Picual olive oil offers numerous health benefits thanks to its high content of antioxidants and monounsaturated fatty acids. Its regular consumption can contribute to the reduction of the risk of cardiovascular diseases, improve digestion and strengthen the immune system. In addition, its potent anti-inflammatory action and antioxidant properties help fight cellular aging and protect against chronic diseases. This oil, with its distinctive flavor and quality, is an excellent addition to a healthy diet.

Comparison: picual oil vs. other olive oil varieties

Picual olive oil, widely cultivated in Spain, is distinguished from other varieties by its unique properties. Available in online and physical stores, this oil is valued for its contribution to health and its versatility in the kitchen. Compared to other oils, picual offers a more intense flavor profile and superior antioxidant properties, making it a preferred choice for those seeking to maximize the health benefits of olive oil in their diets.

How to make the most of picual oil in the kitchen

Picual oil, with its unique flavor profile and healthy properties, is ideal for enriching our diet and cuisine. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide variety of dishes, from those that require high-temperature cooking to those that benefit from its flavor in the raw state. As a natural preservative, it is also excellent for preserving sausages and other products. Integrating picual oil into daily cooking is a simple way to improve the flavor of our recipes and take advantage of its health benefits.

Culinary uses of picual olive oil: from dressings to cooking

Picual oil is ideal to enhance our health and our diet, offering a wide variety of culinary applications. From dressings to cooking, its resistance to high temperatures makes it perfect for high temperature cooking, without losing its qualities or flavor. Its ability to enhance dishes with mild flavors, such as delicate fish, and its use in long stews, demonstrates its versatility. In addition, its role as a preservative for cured meats underscores its added value in the kitchen, making picual an exceptional choice for chefs and amateurs alike.

Perfect pairings: foods that stand out with picual oil

Picual olive oil is ideal for enhancing the flavor of various foods thanks to its intensity and fruity notes. It combines perfectly with fresh salads, providing a robust and aromatic touch. It is excellent with grilled fish and red meats, enhancing their natural flavors. It also pairs well with cured cheeses and sausages, where its spiciness and bitterness balance the richness of these foods. In Mediterranean dishes such as gazpacho and salmorejo, Picual oil adds depth and complexity, making them a true culinary experience.

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Conclusion: The excellence of picual oil in gastronomy and health

The uniqueness of picual oil lies in its perfect balance between tradition and health benefits, standing out significantly among other olive oil varieties. Its high stability and resistance to oxidation not only guarantee a longer shelf life, but also preserve its unique nuances, making picual oil exceptionally resistant to temperature and storage variations. These characteristics make it an indisputable ally in the kitchen, capable of enhancing flavors without losing its nutritional properties.

In addition, the picual variety stands out for its unparalleled health benefits, offering a composition rich in antioxidants that support cardiovascular well-being and contribute to a balanced diet. Its adaptability in gastronomy, from dressings to more complex cooking methods, along with its ability to complement and enhance the flavors of diverse dishes, is evidence of the excellence of picual oil. This variety not only meets the culinary expectations of the most demanding chefs but also satisfies the needs of those seeking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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