Visit Sabores Almeria

In 'Campos de Uleila' we have been interested in the gourmet seal 'Sabores Almería', promoted by the Provincial Council, after the visit made to the company's facilities by the deputy of Agriculture, María López Asensio.

One of the aspects that have focused the visit, as highlighted by the Provincial Council in a statement, has been the interest of 'Campos de Uleila' to join the brand 'Sabores Almería'. Therefore, the deputy of Agriculture has explained the process of creating the brand and how it is drafting its regulations, which will bring together all the gourmet products of the province.

During the visit, Asensio was also able to learn about the new investments that have been made for this campaign, aimed at a higher quality of extra virgin oils, both in aroma and flavor and in healthy components, as well as greater energy efficiency. These investments have also been directed to a greater selection and differentiation in the cellar of these oils by variety, month of harvest and quality certifications.

In addition to the facilities, the company has taken stock of the campaign that has just ended, noting that, although production has been lower due mainly to the drought, the result has been a "high quality extra virgin olive oil, with intense fruitiness reminiscent of fresh fruit and freshly cut grass".

In this new harvest, the Almazara 'Campos de Uleila' is born as a unique extra virgin olive oil, with notes of fresh fruit and almonds, vines, hours of sunshine, sea breeze and the solitude of the Tabernas Desert.

Thanks to this investment effort, the company has been recognized in some of the most prestigious and serious international competitions, such as the Evooleum Guide, which has classified its products among the hundred best extra virgin olive oils at international level. In addition, for two consecutive years, they have been finalists in the International Olive Oil Council's 'Mario Solinas' contest.

The limited production of 'Campos de Uleila', in addition to being present throughout Spain, has already reached countries as diverse as Germany, Poland, Denmark, Great Britain, Estonia and Belgium.